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The 21st century suite of English language assessments that enhances subject language at school and opens doors of opportunity across the world.

GETS Higher

GETS Higher

The English language proficiency test that opens the doors of opportunity across the world.

Assesses all four skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

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GETS for School

GETS for School

English for Enhanced Learning.

English language competency is essential for complete understanding of all subjects that are taught in the english medium.

This test is designed as a suite of three tests across three levels: Primary, Secondary, Intermediate, for student in classes 4 to 10.

GETS Placement Test

GETS Placement test

A quick and reliable method to assess students language ability which helps in guiding them to take an english language preparation programme. The test is suitable for educational institutions, corporate organisations and private language teaching institutions.

The score of the test is provided on the scale of 1 to 100 with a guidance note on which level of language preparation course should be given to the candidate.

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Key Features


Delivered as a Paper based test or a Computer based test. On-demand test dates. Secure test administration with quick result turnaround.

Train the Trainer

High quality training of teachers and trainers are provided to ensure candidates are well supported in the process of english language learning.

Customised Solution

Customisation of test and training available for high volume users to suite individuals in higher education and work place.


Range of activities and practice tests available to help enhance English language skills.


Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking. Subject-specific Vocabulary, Subject-obligatory language.

Test Development

Developed by highly experienced team's of English language practitioners and subject-experts. Questions that are engaging for all & challenging for the most able.

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