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The 21st century English language certification that helps prepare individuals for the 4th Industrial Age and opens doors of opportunity across the world.

GETS Higher

GETS Placement Test

A quick and reliable online prognostic test designed to determine the English language proficiency of an individual.

The test can be used by educational institutions, corporate organisations, language schools and individuals to get a fair assessment of their language proficiency.

The test taker is assessed for their Vocabulary (general vocabulary, use of phrasal verbs, use of idiomatic language), Grammar and Structures of Spoken Language in every day social and educational contexts.

The duration of the test is 30 minutes. The results are available immediately and are mapped to the CEFR.


GETS Light Test

GETS Light

An English language proficiency test designed to assess English language proficiency of young adults, aged 16 years and above.

The test covers Listening, Reading and Use of English and emphasizes on communicative competence and uses 21st century, everyday social, educational and workplace contexts.

GETS Light is assessed using the GETS Scale of English which is aligned to the CEFR. The test is developed at the B1 level on the CEFR.

Results are available immediately for tests that is taken online. The test is also available as a Paper based test.



GETS for School

GETS Elementary

Preparing for Smart Learning

Targeted at lower primary students in grades 2 and 3, the GETS Elementary measures student’s skills and abilities in the area of Aural Comprehension, Composition, Verbal Reasoning and Visual Understanding.

The components recognises progress along a continuum that ranges from enhancing cognitive and analytical skills to building the creative thinking abilities of students that ensures deeper scholastic learning.

There are 2 stages to GETS Elementary. Stage 1 is for 20 mins and Stage 2 is for 30 mins.



GETS for School

GETS for School

English for Enhanced Learning.

Targeted for school students the GETS for School is a 3-level assessment programme; Primary (grades 4 & 5), Secondary (grades 6 & 7) and Intermediate (grades 8 & 9).

GETS for School is based on the concept of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and includes the principles of BICS (Basic Interpersonal Communicative Skills) and CALP (Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency).

The assessment comprises of three assessments at each level; General English, Subject Language and Oral Presentation Skills. It enables students in improving their overall understanding of subjects that are taught in English medium, thereby helping them improve their academic performance.


GETS Higher

Cardiff Met GETS Higher

A customised test, developed for Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales, UK to assess English language proficiency of university students and prospective students.

The test covers Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking modules and is available as a Computer based test or as a Paper based test. It Emphasises on communicative competence and use of English language in social, educational and workplace settings.

Cardiff Met GETS Higher test is assessed using the GETS Scale of English and the results are mapped to CEFR Levels A2-B2.





GETS Higher

GETS Higher

Suitable for institutions and corporates, the GETS Higher test assesses all fours skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The results are mapped to CEFR Levels A2-B2.

The test emphasises on communicative competence and use of English language in social, educational and workplace settings.

The test is administered as a ‘Secure Test’ and is available at an ‘Authorised Centre’.

GETS Higher test can be delivered as a Paper based test or as Computer based test taken an online.

The results are available within 10 days.





Key Features

Test Development

Developed by highly experienced teams of English language practitioners and subject-experts. Questions that are engaging for all & challenging for the most able.

Test Delivery

Delivered as a Paper based test or a Computer based test. On-demand test dates. Secure test administration with quick result turnaround.

Support for Test Takers

Familiarisation presentations, Practice tests and Ask the expert facilities available for test takers to better prepare and be familiar with the tests.

The GETS team is working on new and engaging support material that will use Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and 3d environment in game based manner to further help learners prepare for the test…. launching in December 2017

Support for Teachers and Trainers

High quality training to teachers and trainers are provided to ensure candidates are well supported in the process of English language learning. Curated resources and classroom teaching aids can also be organised as required.


The GETS suite of assessments are developed using the GETS Scale of English that has been developed by experts in the area of English language assessment. The GETS Scale of English is mapped to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference), the world standard in language assessment.


Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking. Subject-specific Vocabulary, Subject-obligatory language.

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