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The GETS Light is an English language assessment test designed for young adults, aged 16 years and above. It is designed to assess English language proficiency of a user of English.

GETS Light is used by Universities, Colleges and Corporates to ascertain the English language proficiency levels of their students, employees or prospective students and prospective employees and helps in planning appropriate language development and improvement programme which may be part of the curriculum or part of a professional development plan.

The test is developed using 21st century, everyday social, educational and workplace contexts.

GETS Light is assessed using the ‘GETS Scale of English’, an English language assessment framework, developed by QAI, UK. The GETS Scale is aligned to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). GETS Light is mapped to B1 Level of the CEFR.

GETS Light is available as a Paper Based Test (PBT) as well as an Internet Based Test (IBT).

The Test Report (Result) for the IBT version are sent via Email to the ‘Authorised Centre’ immediately upon completion of the test in the form of Acrobat Reader Document (PDF). GETS Light is recognised and approved by Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales, UK as a preferred test to assess students’ English language proficiency at B1 level on the CEFR. GETS Light leads into the GETS Higher test which is mapped at the B2 level on the CEFR.

GETS Light is administered in a secure environment, under proctored conditions. The test is administered at an ‘Authorised Test Centre’ or at an off-site location, supervised by the Authorised Test Centre.

GETS Light is designed to measure the English proficiency of candidates in Listening, Reading and Use of English skills at the five levels of the GETS Scale of English. Refer to the GETS Scale of English for a de-scription of the language abilities at each of these seven levels.

While there is no course to complete before the test, test-takers could familiarise themselves with the test-format, task types and could use an appropriate intermediate language course to prepare for the desired level.

Visit http://www.getsworld.com to read the GETS Scale of English.

Scores are awarded out of 35.

The Listening module carries 40% weightage and the Reading and Use of English module carries 60% weightage.

Scores are converted to GETS Levels 1 to 5 and aligned to CEFR as per table below.

A reference to CEFR levels against the GETS scores achieved is reported, basis research carried out by the GETS test development team.

Modules / Skills

GETS Light assesses the two key skills of English language.

Cardiff Met GETS Test


Cardiff Met GETS


Test Format and Description


(40% weightage)

2 Parts / 14 questions

Approximately 15 min:

Approximate audio Length:

  • Part 1 : 3 to 3.5 min

  • Part 2 : 3 to 3.5 min

Each track is played twice.


Task types : Three option multiple choice; Yes/No

Skills tested : Listening for specific information including: letters, names, names of places, numbers, currency, timings. listening for specific details; listening for main points; listening to identify attitude and opinions of speakers

Text source : Designed using authentic and/or adapted real world listening tracks.

Range of text types: Announcements, discussions, interviews, lectures, radio programmes, short conversations about family, people, work, hobbies and daily life, simple stories, short talks, short narratives, lectures or talks on familiar topics.

Standard varieties of accents: British, American, Australian, Indian.

No. of questions : A total of 14 questions.

Marking : One mark for each correct answer. No negative marking for incorrect answers.

  Reading and Use of English

(60% weightage)

25 min

3 Parts / 21 questions

Approximate text length:

  • Part 1 (reading) :150 - 200 words

  • Part 2 (Use of English) : 300 - 350 words

  • Part 3 (Reading): 400 - 450 words


Task types : Yes/No; Three option multiple choice; Matching

Skills tested : Reading to understand meaning from context, reading for main ideas, reading for understanding writer’s opinion, reading for gist and global meaning, reading for specific information, reading for detailed comprehension

Use of English: Language Structures and Systems and Lexical Resource appropriate to GETS level 5 or CEFR B1 level for communication in familiar contexts and predictable situations.

Text source :The test is designed using authentic or adapted real world materials such as articles from newspapers, magazines brochures, leaflets, infor mation on websites, personal correspondence including emails, notes and cards.

Range of text types : Short simple texts containing the highest frequency vocabulary, including a proportion of shared international vocabulary items; simple texts on familiar matters of a concrete type which consist of high-frequency every day or job-related language; straightforward and factual texts on topics of personal or professional interest.

No. of questions : A total of 21 questions.

Marking : One mark for each correct answer. No negative marking for incorrect answers.

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