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The GETS for School Elementary is targeted at lower primary students of grades 2 and 3 with the objective of measuring their skills and abilities in the areas of Aural Comprehension, Composition, Verbal and Logical Reasoning and Visual Understanding. These components recognise progress along a continuum that ranges from enhancing cognitive and analytical skills to building the creative thinking abilities of students, all of which ensure deeper scholastic learning.

The assessment is divided into two stages. At Stage 1, students are assessed basis their Aural Comprehension and Writing, also known as Composition, which are an integral part of experiential learning in the school curricula. At Stage 2, students grapple with language-use for the real world as they apply their minds to solving questions, interpreting visuals and completing crosswords and puzzles for word building.

The two stages require cross-fertilization of ideas and an intellectual approach to view things from a variety of perspectives. The focus is conjointly on increasing the cognitive abilities of students and helping them attain academic brilliance.

Modules / Skills

GETS Elementry assesses the two key skills of English language.

Cardiff Met GETS Test

Aural Comprehension

Cardiff Met GETS



Logical Reasoning


Verbal Reasoning


Visual Understanding

Parts of the Test





Stage 1

Aural Comprehension + Composition

20 minutes

20 marks

Stage 2

Visual Understanding + Verbal Reasoning + Logical Reasoning

30 minutes

30 marks

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